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If you read our blog several weeks ago, you’ll remember that we talked about diversifying your marketing to other platforms outside of Facebook. If you’ haven’t read it – check it out here. We’ve also interviewed Brynley King – Klaviyo expert on the power of email marketing – you can have a listen here.

Building your email list is something a lot of businesses struggle with so I wanted to go into a little detail on how you can use your Facebook + Instagram ads to build your email lists. A lot of Facebook marketers will shy away from this as it will drop the overall ROAS (return on ad spend) of your account, but if you do it right it’ll increase the profitability of your business!

Landing Page vs. Facebook Lead Forms

Before we talk about how to use Facebook to drive email sign ups we need to talk about the different ways to get those email addresses. The first is Facebook’s inbuilt Lead form and the other is a custom built landing page.

Facebook Lead Form Pro’s:

  • Cheaper cost per email address
  • Easy to set up and doesn’t require a custom build
  • Easy to track and optimise

Facebook Lead Form Con’s:

  • Can get lower quality leads
  • No/limited design customisation

Landing Page Pro’s:

  • Higher quality leads
  • Custom design and you can share more detail

Landing Page Con’s:

  • Can be expensive to design and set up (depending on your tech skills)
  • Higher cost per lead
  • You’re taking people off Facebook
  • Harder to track – you need to install custom code

Once you decide which way you want to go, it’s time to work out what you’re going to do to make people want to give you their email address.

Some of our favourites tactics that we’ve used with clients + seen other brands do include:

  • Running competitions
  • Offering a discount for their first purchase
  • Giving early access to sales or new season releases
  • Exclusive content and resources
  • Loyalty programs (as long as they are actually good and worth signing up for)
  • If you’ve got a ‘cult like’ brand sometimes just being part of the crew is enough

Great audiences to try when running an email boost campaign

  • A lookalike of your custom database – it should be cheating considering how good this works
  • Broad – yep, no targeting, especially if you have been running ads for a while, Facebook is so good these days at finding the right people.
  • Targeted by a group of specific interests that are relevant to your demographic
  • A lookalike of your engaged audience
  • All your warm audiences – excluding anyone who is already on your database

Testing a range of audiences will help you find the cheapest acquisition channels!

We always recommend clients focus on more than just their Facebook and Instagram ads, yes, even though we are advertising specialists. You need to be building that “owned media” and an email list is one of the best things you can cultivate!

Want to know more about building your email list – I highly recommend listening to our podcast with Brynley – or even reaching out to her directly!

And if you want a hand running your ads, as always – we are here to help.

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