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The problem

A popular reseller of beauty products came to us to help grow their brand. They were successfully managing their retargeting ads in house, and getting rather amazing results. However, they weren’t able to dedicate the internal resources to managing their ads and hadn’t been able to dedicate the time needed to reach a new audience or to build on their existing sales by reaching a warmer audience.

The solution

They came onboard with us and we set out to develop a strategy that would help them reach new audiences, engage with their previous customers and followers and continue to see success with retargeting.

We focused on testing audiences and copy to start with. As they have such a broad target market it was easier for us to identify key markets and identify potential success groups this way.

Another part of our strategy was to further promote their existing sales. While they had success promoting these before with boosted posts and email marketing, they knew they weren’t able to reach everyone.

Instead of just focusing on retargeting, we built a full strategy that covered those who had never heard of the brand, all the way through to loyal customers and those who didn’t complete their checkout.

The result

Our unique testing process and strategy generated a 6.3x ROAS across our full campaign bringing in over $42,000 in sales. The beauty industry standard is between a 2-4x Return on Ad Spend, both Bright Red Marketing and the client were very happy with these results.

Through careful testing, we were able to identify cold audiences that were ready to buy which meant even our cold audience ads generated above a 3x return. We were able to re-engage brand fans and past shoppers as well as keep the returns coming from our retargeting ads.

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