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Frontier Pets specialises in premium dog and cat food made from ethical ingredients, creating an easier way to feed your pets raw!

The Problem

This client came to us wanting to outsource their ads. They’d grown too big to manage them internally anymore and needed to craft a structure that was able to be scaled as they had some big goals they wanted to achieve.

The Solution

Their current campaign structure, while generating impressive results was going to make scaling difficult. So we slowly transitioned them to a more scaling-friendly structure.

We also worked closely with them to craft a wide variety of audiences to more creatively (and cheaply) reach their ideal customer, assisted in launching their brand new cat food through lead gen and initial sales based ads, as well as testing a wide variety of creative options all with the goal of improving sales and building the brand name familiarity.

The Results

After working together for a few months we generated nearly $250k in a quarter with an impressive 8.2x ROAS and 1499 orders. They have an exceptionally high lifetime value for their customers, so every new customer is worth a considerable amount.

We also built an easily scalable structure ready for them to grow and hit new goals!

What the client has to say:

“Good Social Media Management agencies are apparently just a click away these days.  But that’s not true.  Finding a great agency can mean the difference between an online business thriving and a business failing.  Literally. Bright Red Marketing is a great agency.  They took the time to understand my business, really understand it.  Then developed content and strategies that were as robust as they were agile.  And, just as importantly, I trust their judgment and have found them a delight to work with” – Diana Scott, Founder, Frontier Pets.

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