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Goondiwindi Cotton are a fashion retailer based in Goondiwindi, Queensland.  Family owned for over 30 years they specialise in the use of quality natural fibres for collections that balance trends and timeless style effortlessly.

The Problem

We needed to find a way to reach new people, get more UGC style imagery and build an additional traffic driving stream.

The Solution

We suggested partnering with influencers to add additional channels for this client to reach new people. We researched their demographic and those in the influencer space that would reach the right kind of people. It was important to find people that were in the fashion space, but who also targeted a customer willing to spend more on clothing for a higher end brand.

After presenting our top picks, a number of influencers were selected and they started to build a relationship with these influencers.

The Results

We partnered with four wonderful women in the fashion space, and let them do their thing.

The results were spectacular, while the organic reach was a little harder to track, we still saw spikes and new traffic, emails utilising this content performed phenomenally and there was an increase in sales organically.

The true success we saw was in the paid promotion of these partnerships. Over the course of the season, we generated nearly $250,000 in sales, averaging around a 6x ROAS, however, some posts generated as high as a 15-20x ROAS.

What Goondiwindi Cotton have to say:

“As part of our ongoing work with Dahna and the Bright Red Marketing team, they managed our introduction to Influencer marketing. In addition to sourcing and finding the best-fit influencers, they then used that content in their ads, and that’s where we saw the greatest success. In just one season, the content created from this campaign generated nearly $250,000 in revenue, averaging a 6x ROAS with some collaborations performing as high as 15-20x ROAS.

The lovely Dahna and Emily have been an amazing addition to our team. They have gone above and beyond to get the best results for our business and are always happy to help wherever they can.”

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