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ROAS on retargeting ads

A strong understanding of your digital audience is imperative to the success of digital ad campaigns, and ultimately, sales conversion.

This certainly rang true for our journey with an iconic UK-based denim retailer. A premium seller of dozens of well-known apparel brands, Bright Red Marketing began working with the company in late-September 2019 and has since seen a phenomenal increase in sales and brand engagement.

Through various measures of strategic targeting and comprehensive ad sets, the ad account has achieved a lifetime average of 6.26 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and a sales conversion of over a quarter of a million pounds.

Lifetime ad account results.

A key transformer in establishing this ad account was through a series of trial-and-error audiences, spanning from product interest, delivery method, demographic measures, and so on, to identify key groups. With an accommodating yet modest daily budget, we were able to test and identify key sales avenues, fleshing out a guaranteed sales route through digital messaging.

After a month of audience testing, we launched a 14-day retargeting campaign, directly aimed at what we had established to be key consumer groups. This ad set was extremely successful in reach and sales conversion, so much so, that it built the foundation for all ongoing ad sets in terms of creative material and target groups.

Retargeting campaign results.

Within these retargeting campaigns, we identified a successful ad set in Best Selling products. The Levi’s campaign garnered outstanding results, and in week four of its circulation, achieved a 21.51 ROAS.

Levi’s best sellers campaign.

Through creative content and copywriting strategy, we were able to develop dozens of ad sets that operated synonymously to the Levi’s campaign. Meeting consumer expectations with brands and products they knew and loved was a stalwart marker of success for this company. Comparatively, the table of results below are a snapshot of our results for a similar campaign conducted with the popular brand, Wrangler, which averaged a 25.72 ROAS.

By expanding data on favourite products, brand-specific interest, and web data, we were able to develop a continually successful and stable ad campaign.

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