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If you’ve been wondering this for a while, or ever looked it up you’ll get a lot of ‘how long is a piece of string’ answers. And while there is some truth to that, there are some guidelines and suggestions that will help you to work out how much you can spend, and how much you should spend.

Firstly, can you see Facebook results on $5 a day?

$5 a day is the minimum spend Facebook will actually allow you to spend per day, and while it is definitely on the smaller end of spends. You can still get results.

To get results on a $5 a day spend you have to take a different approach, with $5 you can’t do a lot of testing, so you really need to use content that works for your brand. Is it a post that went crazy on your Instagram or content similar to that email that made you a lot of money?

Alternatively, use your $5 and use a Facebook Lead form to get email sign-ups to your mailing list and focus on really improving the conversion rate of your emails!

You can see great results with even just $5 a day, you just have to be clever about how to use the spend.

A little while ago we had a client who just couldn’t afford more than $5-10 a day in ads, and while it took a little bit of testing, with the right strategy we were able to get them nearly a 16x Return on ad spend, so for every dollar they spent they got $16 back! This strategy was simply built around finding the right audience for their product and promoting their existing Instagram and Facebook posts – we all know that organic reach is struggling and this allowed their existing (AMAZING) content to reach new people and drove their sales!

What if you have $10-50 a day?

$10 to $50 a day is a great range for Facebook ads if you’re DIYing – it gives you some room to test, you can test different audiences (the most powerful thing to test in my book), different creative and different campaign styles. You can even start to build out a funnel – reach a new audience, nurturing your existing audience and some retargeting ads, especially as you get closer to the $50 a day mark.

To give you an idea, we have a client, who granted are spending a lot more money on their ads, however, one of their campaigns is a $10 a day campaign focused on growing their email list. You could easily run a similar campaign to your audience!

This one campaign spent just $10 a day, and was getting email sign ups for just 60c! If your email list is a big part of your sales, imagine what doubling, tripling or quadrupling your email list could do for your business?

$50 plus to spend on your Facebook Ads?

This is the point where a lot of businesses start looking at getting assistance. Facebook Ads are such a time-consuming task. The amount of testing, creativity and learning required to stay up to date is a lot – which is why it’s often outsourced.
In saying that, you don’t want to pay more for your retainer than you are in your ad spend. There are some agencies that will disagree – but it’s incredibly difficult for an agency to make money if you’re spending more on their retainer than you are on ad spend! As always there are exceptions, but it’s a good rule of thumb for your average business.
If you’re spending $50 plus, you want to make sure you have a good funnel set up, you’re reaching new people, nurturing your existing audience and having some solid retargeting ads in place.
We have lots of case studies on this price bracket as it’s where most of our clients fall. If you need proof that ad spend at this level is worth it you can read some of them here:

$500 plus to spend on ads?

We have some clients getting amazing results on this level of spend. At this point you really want to either have an external agency managing your ads or someone full-time in your business.
Things to keep in mind at this spend, as it’s easy to get swept up in the spend.
  • What is your target ROAS? Could you get a similar return on a smaller spend if you turned off some poor performers? Is your budget flexible enough to test new audiences to see if you can do better


  • Keep an eye on that frequency score, making sure that your ads are being seen enough, but too often is also very important as this can often get overlooked in higher spend accounts?


  • Do you know your true margins? It’s important you know how much money you’re making, so you know how much you can afford to spend. There are two trains of thought here. 1. Maximise profits on initial sales, here you make as much money on the front end of your purchases. 2. Maximise the quantity of sales, here you don’t mind making less money on the front end, as you know with the lifetime value of your customers will make you more money in the long run.


  • Have you got the capabilities and functionality internally to scale? It’s all well and good to double your budgets and keep scaling, but make sure you can keep up internally and are still able to deliver the same quality. The last thing you want to do is to scale so quickly that your business diminishes because you can longer deliver the same quality and customer service.

So how much should YOU spend on Facebook and Instagram ads? 

That is a how long is a piece of string answer, you need to work out what budget you have available, how much you need to spend to reach your goals, whether you’ll be managing in-house or hiring help, and work out your margins to make sure you’ll be profitable at that level of spend?

Want to learn how to run ads on a budget of less than $50 a day? Join the waitlist here:

Ready for someone to take over for you? Book a free strategy session here: and we can have a look through your ad account and let you know if and how we can help!

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